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844 number equal growth.

844 number - Article by Robert Jones Jr.

It means that toll free numbers are becoming so popular that the next expanse of Phone Number real estate must be open to the public.

844 number, the future of toll free phone service.

The FCC holds the key to the next generation of toll free numbers, the 844 number. The FCC is expected to open the public use of these toll free services sometime in the future, an exact date has not been determined. The growth of business telecom services since 1997 has made 1 800 phone numbers a valuable commodity. The FCC released 888, 877, and 866 toll free area codes since 1997; however, as time goes on, more and more people are getting their own toll free number and the supply is dwindling.

As soon as the 866 area code begins to see signs of strain, the FCC will have no choice but to release further toll free numbers such as the 844 number. When these numbers are released there are going to be swarms of suppliers rushing to register specific numbers. It will be important for these suppliers to know exactly when the 844 number will be available. Once the Federal Communications Commission announces the release of the 822 number, they will be available at this website. http://www.822-numbers.com

How can you reserve a number?
Since 844 number are not available from the government yet—no company can guarantee that a reserved number will be reserved. Once numbers are being partitioned out, you will be able to submit your reservation on this website but not before.

NOTE: Be aware, Companies are not yet allowed to claim reservations for 822 number.

Between the 800, 888, 877 & 866 area codes, there are a total of 31,000,000 toll free numbers available. Current estimations calculate that there are about 19 million toll free numbers currently used.
  • 6.5 million 1-800 numbers
  • 5 million 888 phone numbers
  • 4.9 million 877 numbers
  • 3.1 million 866 numbers
Each area code has 7.7 million available phone number combinations. Since phone numbers are 7 digits, one often imagines there being 10 million combinations (8XX-000-0000 to 8XX-999-9999); however, certain prefixes are blocked such as 800-911-XXXX and 800-555-XXXX. The FCC has blocked 2.3 million prefixes from being issued in each one of the toll free area codes and they are expected to do the same when the 844 number are launched. This helps avoid confusion with certain prefixes.

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844 number, wondering if it’s for you?

Toll free numbers can be used by almost every profession and there are uses for most individuals. Since you are reading this article, chances are you already have some idea on how 844 number can benefit you. Toll free numbers are great for making a good impression. Businesses get more sales, and professionals gain respect. People with their own toll free number often hear the phrase “YOU have a toll-free number?” People ask this question like one would surprisingly remark, You have a winter home? Or YOU are on the board of directors at Microsoft? Impressions can make the difference between being on top or lost at the bottom. Register your own 844 number and see the difference. Once they are available you’ll find them here. Once you have your own number you’ll find impressed people asking you “Does this toll-free number go to you? How’d you get that?”

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